Blockchain Technology and Digital Finance for Climate Action Empowerment

Webinar is held in the Context of Climate Week NYC 2020
Organizers: GloCha Fdt NY, CCC, INATBA, Evercity, IAAI
Time and date: September 24, 11 AM - 1 PM EDT (5 - 7 PM CEST)


I Welcome (2-3 minutes each speaker, 10 minutes all together)

- Tom Baumann, co-chair CCC & co-chair INATBA Climate Action WG
- Miroslav Polzer, GloCha Fdt NY & IAAI, CCC EU & D2I2 Team lead, co-focal point of the Digital Innovation Community within the UNFCCC process
- Alexey Shadrin, & CCC Digital Finance Team Leader
- Marc Taverner, Executive Director of INATBA

II Thematic Introduction blockchain technology and digital finance for climate action (5-7 minutes per speaker, 20 minutes all together)

- Simon Zadek, Head, Secretariat, Secretary General’s Task Force on Digital Financing of the SDGs, Executive Office of the Administrator, United Nations Development Programme
- Marianne Haahr, Director, Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance
- Monique Bachner, co-chair, governance working group, INATBA

III Blockchain and digital finance tools for climate neutral cities and citizens (presentation of solutions, developed by the event organizers and their partners, 30 minutes)

- Alexey Shadrin, founder and CEO of, CCC digital finance team leader
- Miroslav Polzer, Founder & CEO of IAAI GloCha, CCC EU & D2I2 team leader, INATBA CA WG D2I2 subgroup leader
- Jo Bronckers, Co-Founder & Board FIBREE, INATBA Real Estate WG
- Yunus Arikan, Director of Global Advocacy at ICLEI

IV Other climate finance and digital innovation for climate action empowerment leaders
(3 minutes each, approx. 30 minutes total)

- Martin Wainstein, Founder and lead scientist, Yale Open Innovation Lab
- Xiaochen Zhang, President, FinTech4Good, Executive Council, UN ESCAP ESBN
- Raymond van Ermen, Advisor to the President, European Partners for the Environment
- Pierre Telep, Climate Finance Mitigation Expert, African Development Bank
- Andrew Eil, Focal Point, Climate Investment Platform & Climate Finance Specialist Sub-Team: Energy, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
- Elliot Chun, Emergents @Weild & Co

V Open space for networking of solution providers and technology users, researchers & civil society (approx. 30 minutes)
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