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Use of Google Classroom/Google Meet
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Please read the following expectations in regards to your child’s attitude and behaviour for home learning. This MUST be completed and signed by a parent or carer before they can join any live sessions/activities with a member of teaching staff.
When using Google Classroom/Meet pupils will behave appropriately, responsibly and sensibly, in line with the schools' behaviour policy. *
Pupils will never use email or other communication tools to offend, intimidate, exclude or in any way ‘bully’ others. *
When using Google Classroom/Meets pupils and parents will never take or share any photos or videos on social media.
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When working collaboratively, pupils must ensure they do not interfere with, delete or alter others’ work unless they are offering constructive feedback. This includes deliberately deleting, amending or editing others’ saved work without their, or their teacher’s, explicit permission. *
Pupils must not change any setting on their chromebook without permission from their class teacher or other designated member of staff. *
Pupils must report any problem, concern or incidents which they feel uncomfortable about, to their class teacher or other member of staff and refrain from sharing personal information about themselves whilst online, as detailed in the school’s e-safety policy. *
Pupils must ensure they only ever use appropriate images, videos, text and other media in all their work and use of this technology. *
Pupils and parents must ensure that the camera on the device is not used to record anybody without their permission. Pupils and parents must also not use another device e.g phone/tablet to take any form of photo or recording during a live session. *
When using ‘Google Meet’ you must be dressed appropriately and join all meetings on mute. *
When pupils are completing their lessons they must ensure they are in a room where they can concentrate without distractions. *
When pupils are using ‘Google Meet’ they must be aware of any background noise that will come through their microphone when speaking and where possible use a background image. *
I give permission for 'Live Google Meets' to be recorded for the safety of my child, other pupils and adults. These recordings will never be shared outside of the school building. *
We want every child at school to enjoy and have a positive experience using the latest technologies to enhance their remote learning. Following the above rules and guidance will help us to achieve these goals. Further information will be sent about the process of using 'Google Meet' when all permissions are returned.
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