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We are endeavouring to create a vibrant community of members that can bring new ideas, connections, fellowship and energy to enables us to continue our work in supporting the wider Insight Meditation community. For us to get to know you better and to support your engagement with us in the year ahead, would you please answer the questions below.
Firstly, do you agree to be bound by the rules and ethics of Sydney Insight Meditators. *
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If you are registering as a Sangha representative, if so which Sangha?
What is motivating you to join us:
Here is a list of some of the things SIM members do. For us to get a sense of how you would like to be involved please tick any you may be interested in now or in the future: *
Any other role / skill / interest you would like to offer (please specify)
Thank you for your answers and welcome to Sydney Insight Meditators
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