2018 Cahoots Retreat Registration
You can register and pay for as many people as you wish, but if you're paying on behalf of another adult, they will also need to fill in the form to register (for volunteer assignments, liability waiver, etc). For a registration to count as complete we need a registration form for each adult, and completed payment.
PLEASE ENSURE you COMPLETE the form and hit SUBMIT, or your registration will not be recorded.
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How many people are you buying tickets for?
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Infants (under 3 years old)
$Total price of pass(es) *
Tickets: adults ($150), children (under 12 years old, $60), infants (under 3 years old, free), households (2 adults and up to 4 children for $400). Please add up all the tickets you are buying at the moment and give the total. If you have a special rate discount, deduct that from the total.
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Please give the names and ages/ticket types of everyone in your group *
(Ensure that other adults also fill this form in)
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Volunteer Preferences *
Adults usually about 2 hours volunteer work during the festival.
Add volunteer preference for other adults you are buying for.
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What's a favourite song you like to dance to? (Include songs for other people you are buying for.)
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Carpooling *
We use groupcarpool.com to coordinate rides. Please add your information immediately and save the website address so you can easily check back for updates.
I/we expect to arrive...
If you're not sure at the moment, skip.
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