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If you want to donate to Private Alpha to support the community, please fill out the form below.

All donations are spent purely on Private Alpha only. All money spent is towards the benefit of the community by means of; improving, buying competition prizes, pay for services and other relative stuff.

As a donator you will receive a web link to a live google excel sheet to see what expenses are being paid for on a monthly basis.

Rules to Donating:
- Buying a package will give you permanent status (highest payed for package) tag on our services (TeamSpeak 3), as long as you pay per month (consecutive month (31 days) from first/last payment).
- Benefits will be revoked on the 32nd day besides your tag.

Speak to BlazingSpacePanda on the Teamspeak 3 ( for more information.

Donation Account Bank Details:

Account No: 62386773181
Name: Alexander Chase Guild
Bank: FNB
Account Type: Cheque
Reference: (Your Full Name)

Once we have received payment, we will give you your permissions, tag and excel spread sheet of monthly spending on Private Alpha.

Thank you for donating to Private Alpha!

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R55 or R110 or R170
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