Join Now & Take Part in the 2018 Fall-Winter Membership Drive!
Join between September 1st and December 15th 2018 to take part in our Membership Drive Contest!

Prizes include:

1. $3,000.00 GRAND PRIZE - In the form of an Amazon Gift Card for the Top Recruiter.

2. $50/$50 Recruit/Recruiter Incentives In the form of Amazon Gift Cards: $50 Gift Card to Each New Member and $50 Gift Card to Each Recruiter.

3. 6 Door Prize Winners to be Drawn at Random: 3 New Members & 3 Recruiters can each select either a Big Screen HDTV or an iPad.

See contest rules below.


Effective January 1, 2018

Basic Membership: $18.00 bi-weekly ($39.00 monthly)
Retired Members: $ 9.00 bi-weekly ($19.50 monthly)

- Dues will remain $18.00 until 2021.
- Members using PayPal will pay an additional $1 monthly service fee.
- Dues are in addition to the cost of any Union-sponsored product or service.


The Union is only obligated to represent all employees in four very specific situations:

1. Contract Negotiations
2. Grievance and Arbitration
3. Weingarten/Investigatory Examinations
4. Formal Meetings/Discussions

The Union has the right to require membership concerning a matter which falls outside of the areas listed above including performance-related matters or after a disciplinary action has been proposed against an employee.

Non-Members may be required to enroll as dues-paying members prior to representation, and may be responsible for some or all of the costs incurred by the Union during the course of representation.


Contest Rules:

Only new and/or current Union members are eligible to participate. Employees who voluntarily revoked or cancelled their Union membership at any time prior to this membership drive but choose to re-instate their Union membership during this drive period are not be eligible to receive an incentive or prize as a new member but are eligible for incentives and prizes as a recruiter. All new members must complete the on-line registration packet in full located at to participate in this contest. Upon verification of dues being collected by the Union, both the new member (if eligible) and/or their recruiter will receive a monetary incentive for participating in a sanctioned LIUNA Local 1776 Organizing Campaign. Monies will be disbursed in the form of a pre-loaded gift-style card mailed to the individual’s home or email address. All parties acknowledge that no goods or services have been received or provided in exchange for Union membership, that they acted voluntarily, and that monies received during this transaction reflect a reimbursement of future membership dues to be collected by LIUNA. Contest will end on 12/15/2018, or when available contest funds are depleted, whichever occurs first. Each new member (if eligible) receives one entry towards the drawing of one new-member door prize (three prizes total) and each recruiter will receive one entry towards the drawing of one recruiting door prize (three prizes total) for each new member they recruit, for a total of six door prizes. The prizes are not to exceed $450 for each item, including shipping. All recipients of bonus bucks or door prizes must remain a dues-paying member of LIUNA Local 1776 for a minimum of 1-year from the date they become eligible for their prize. The minimum number of new recruits needed to trigger the door prizes shall be fifty (50). Grand Prizes are in the form of Amazon Gift Cards and would be triggered if the drive reaches pre-determined marks of 1,600, 1,625, or 1,650 total members. The prizes are to consist of the following:

Membership Mark Reached 1,600 1,625 1,650+

1st Place: $2,000 $2,500 $3,000
2nd Place: $750 $1,000 $1,250
3rd Place: $250 $ 500 $750

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