Request to Become a Union Member
Effective January 1, 2018

Basic Membership: $18.00 bi-weekly ($39.00 monthly)
Retired Members: $ 9.00 bi-weekly ($19.50 monthly)

- Dues will remain $18.00 until 2021.
- Members using PayPal will pay an additional $1 monthly service fee.
- Dues are in addition to the cost of any Union-sponsored product or service.


The Union is only obligated to represent all employees in four very specific situations:

1. Contract Negotiations
2. Grievance and Arbitration
3. Weingarten/Investigatory Examinations
4. Formal Meetings/Discussions

The Union has the right to require membership concerning a matter which falls outside of the areas listed above including performance-related matters or after a disciplinary action has been proposed against an employee.

Non-Members may be required to enroll as dues-paying members prior to representation, and may be responsible for some or all of the costs incurred by the Union during the course of representation.

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