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Please fill out player profile information prior to tryouts.  

Items required for Tryouts:
1) Proof of OVR Registration
2) $20 for Team Atlantis Tryouts (One time fee)
3) Player Profile information filled out

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The undersigned, being the natural or adoptive parents, or legal custodians of___________________________, do hereby assume any and all risks involved in, or arising from, the above-named child’s participation in Team Atlantis Volleyball Club’s activities, including, without limitation, the risks of death or bodily injury as a result of her participation in Team Atlantis Volleyball.  The undersigned further do hereby release the Team Atlantis Volleyball Club, or any of its members, owners, coaches, or any of the owners of any practice facility used by the Team Atlantis Volleyball Club, and all of its successors, assigns, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors or employees, and agree not to sue them on account of, or in connection with, any claims, causes of action, injuries, damages, costs or expenses arising out of the above-named minor child’s participation in volleyball as a member of the Team Atlantis Volleyball Club.  We have read and understand the above agreement and further understand that by making this agreement we surrender valuable rights on behalf of ourselves and our minor child. We do so freely and voluntarily.  *Enter name of player. *
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