AmeCon 2018 - Gopher Signups
Gophers are convention-goers like you, people who volunteer to help out with the running of the convention. They are vital at the convention and their help during the weekend is both welcomed and rewarded. If you fancy lending a hand, then complete the form below.

Fortune favours the brave... join us in helping to make the action happen!

By becoming a Gopher, you'll be asked to do certain tasks by the committee, ranging from helping out in video rooms to helping the committee with technical and physical tasks, e.g. testing equipment and carrying boxes. The rewards are many - a Gopher badge, treats and a special end-of-convention gopher party.

To help us staff the events fully please include in your application what kinds of event you would like to gopher, e.g. charity auction, cosplay events, workshops and panels, etc.

Remember you have to be signed up and paid up for the convention before signing up as a gopher.
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