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SDC Rhythm XP
Basic Info
Are you looking for a way to improve your RW skills?   Do you want to train on a team?  Do you want to compete at skydiving?  Whether you want to brush up your RW skills, learn more about competition 4- or 8-way, or augment other team plans, Rhythm teams are a great opportunity.  Teams will be matched up by similar goals and skill levels, so whether you're new to the sport and want a fun and safe learning environment, or have competed before and want to train more seriously, this project will have an option for you.

In addition to our player coach teams, Rhythm is building a number of project teams for next season, including:

-An advanced team

-A competitive Intermediate team

-A beginner Intermediate team

These teams will be run similar to player coach teams, with a member of Rhythm coaching and leading the team and taking care of all of the organizing, planning, coordinating with dropzone and tunnel, packers, video, managing budget and schedule.   The project teams will have four full team members instead of a Rhythm coach flying inside and will train for the USPA Nationals in Perris in September.  

Your Rhythm captain will take care of all of the communication, planning, organization, coordination with dropzone, tunnel, video, packers, alternates, etc.  The budget and schedule are set ahead of time -- there will be no surprises or additions (unless all team members agree to add training).  You just show up, train, compete with your team, learn a ton and enjoy!

-- Avoid the hassles of organizing a team, coordinating training, finding video, keeping a team together and other challenges.
-- Budget and schedule are set so there are no surprises or extra expenses
-- Train at two world-class facilities – Skydive Chicago and Paraclete XP.  Paraclete XP is the ONLY wind tunnel in the US large enough for much of the 8 way and all of the 4 way blocks and randoms.  Skydive Chicago has a fleet of lightening-fast Super Twin Otters and Caravans as well as an awesome facility, including a huge hangar, cafe, campground, full service gear and rigging shop, lounge, Tiki Bar, gym, swimming pond, auditorium, and more.
-- Train alongside other 4 way teams for added learning, encouragement and camaraderie
-- Training is consolidated into as few camps as possible to get the training in - roughly one weekend a month April - September, leaving you plenty of time for other jumping, other teams, family, and other activities
-- Get the most out of your training by having a coach planning every camp
-- Guarantee a positive and safe learning environment by having a coach guide the team through an efficient, goal-based, positive training process
-- Team training plans and engineering have been developed using methods developed and used by Rhythm over the past 10 years
-- Learn and improve your RW skills in ways that only team training can provide
-- There will be multiple teams with varied goals, experience levels and commitment.  Whether you want a fun, low key team, or want to train hard, we may have an option for you.

**Schedule to be determined with team.  We will work with everyone to develop the best schedule for each team that forms.  As a result, final number of jumps and tunnel (and therefore cost) may vary based on the needs and preferences of all participants.**

4 way Pricing – 90 jumps, 7.5 hrs tunnel
90 training jumps over 14 coached days at Skydive Chicago and Skydive Sebastian
7.5 hours shared tunnel time at Paraclete XP
$7,425 - six payments of $1,221 each, after $100 deposit

4 way Pricing – 72 jumps, 4.75 hrs tunnel
72 training jumps over 12 coached days at Skydive Chicago and Skydive Sebastian
4.75 hours shared tunnel time at Paraclete XP
$5,675 - five payments of $1,115 each, after $100 deposit

Includes: Your slot, camera slot, shared tunnel time for the team (split between one-on-one and 4 way as appropriate), coaching, video of all of your jumps and tunnel time available for download, organization, coordination, planning, 4 way continuity plans and documentation, training process documentation, lunch and snacks at tunnel workshops,  cameraman’s pack jobs, cameraman's payments

**Project pricing based on current jump pricing at Skydive Chicago, and tunnel pricing at Paraclete XP.  If those prices change, or we change the proportion of jump training at each location, the project price will change accordingly.  

Does not include:  Your own travel and accommodations, your own pack jobs, Nationals costs, MWSL meet fees.  

Payments are due on the following schedule:  
$100 Deposit – due with application
First payment is due Mar 1st to confirm your slot
Remaining payments are due each camp until paid in full.  
*alternate payment plans will be considered on a case-by-case basis*

Schedules and budgets have been developed based on past experience with weather and normal jump operations in mind.   However, if the team should end up doing fewer jumps than planned, or unanimously decide to do more, jumps will be refunded or charged at a rate of $34.25 per jump per person (which includes participant's slot, video slot and pack, videographer's rate).
Teams will be determined on a first-come basis, with consideration for finding an appropriately matched team.  As soon as an appropriate team is committed, communication and schedule could happen sooner than the timeline outlined below.

Application Timeline:

Jan 15th – Application and deposit ($100) due
Feb 15th – Team decisions communicated, schedules outlined
Mar 1st – First payment due
Application Form
Please fill out and submit this application by the deadline outlined above. Please mail your deposit ($100) to:

Rhythm Skydiving
638 Carnival Terrace
Sebastian, FL 32958

or PayPal steve@rhythmskydiving.com

We will return your deposit in the event we can not match you with a team. We will not return your deposit if you make a team and choose not to participate.
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