Okoboji Organics Order Form: 2021
Thank you for ordering from Okoboji Organics/Okoboji Pastures, a local pasture-based farm located in Okoboji, Iowa! Our pastures and livestock are certified organic.

We sell pastured certified organic pork, fed certified organic feed and grazed on certified organic pasture. We also sell certified organic pastured chickens and turkeys fed certified organic feed and grazed on certified organic pasture. Our animals have happy outdoor lives where they can express their natural animal instincts. Their happy healthy life creates happy and delicious meat for our community. Thank you for supporting our farm!

We butcher 100 chickens three times a summer. In 2021 our butcher dates are: July 2, July 30, and September 10. Our chickens are sold as whole certified organic chickens on the day of butcher and either fresh or frozen the next day. These are available on a first come first serve reservation basis and are always sold out. We only raise 100 at a time, and will do three batches this year. ($4.50/lb)

This year we will have certified organic pasture-raised turkeys available September 10 for the fall holidays. We only do a small number of turkeys, so reservations will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and we will hold a waiting list. They are THE BEST!!! ($5.50/lb)

We raise certified organic pigs and sell them by the Whole pig, Half pig, or Quarter pig. They will be available late October/ early November. You must reserve them and place a deposit to secure your reservation. We will be butchering this season's pigs at Ruthven Meat Locker in mid-October. Price details on website. Differs between whole, half, quarter.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions about your order, you can contact us at okobojiorganics@gmail.com or call Kate at 585-944-2503.

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Thank you for your business and for supporting local sustainable farms!
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