OtaFuse 2018 Cosplay Competition

Date: 9th September 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 2.30pm~4pm
Venue: 5th Floor Exhibition Hall, Suria Sabah Mall.

*Limit to 10 participants/teams only.
Registration deadline: 31st August 2018 OR until slots are full.

Join the Cosplay Competition as a Solo Cosplayer or with your friends as a team!
Share your passion and wow the guest cosplay judges through your Character Portrayal, Craftsmanship, Performance Quality, Creativity and Effort!
Several Awards will be presented depending on the total of participants and types of Cosplay and Performances!
Cash prizes and goodies to be won!
All participants will get a goodie bag just by participating!!


Competition Rules:

1. The competition is open to everyone regardless of age and nationality.
2. Cosplayers can join the competition as Solo, Duo or Team.
3. Participants must standby at the stage area by 2pm.
4. The competition will have 2 rounds:
Round 1 - Costume & Still Pose Showcase (1 minute)
Round 2 - Skit Performance OR Character Portrayal & Posing+Movement (2~5 minutes max.)
5. There will be LED screen that you can use to assist in your skit performance.
6. Winners from OtaFuse 2017 may not join with the same Costume for OtaFuse 2018 Cosplay Competition.
7. Participants are required to attach a clear colored reference picture of your character (front and back,full view if
possible) through email after a confirmation mail is sent. Failure to provide a clear colored reference picture of your
character will result in a deduction of points.
8. Participants are required to submit their own music/song for their skit performance for both Round 1 & Round 2.
If you are using the same music for both rounds, do let us know.
9. Contestants may enlist up to 2 helpers who are NOT cosplaying on the stage for the competition.
10. Competitors shall not use dangerous props or materials such as real weaponry and pyrotechnics of ANY kind that may
cause damage to the venue or harm to fellow competitors and/or staff.
11. No projectiles, liquid, powder, confetti and/or messy substance allowed.
12. No profanity allowed on stage. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.
13. The judges' decisions are final. No appeals will be entertained.

For more info, please send a message to OtaFuse Facebook page or email us at otafuse@gmail.com

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