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*We are currently only operating within Neuqua Valley High School, but we are working to include other locations in the future*

### Tutoring is limited to 2 hours per week per student if you have 1 tutor, and 1 hour per tutor if you have multiple tutors###
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*We are currently only operating at Neuqua Valley High School, but we are working to include other schools in the future*
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You can have a tutor for each class, or tutors for multiple classes, we would just like more information pertaining to how we would assign your tutors. But keep in mind that you will be limited 2 hours with one tutor or 1 hour with each tutor(if you have multiple)
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Keep in mind that tutoring per student is limited to 2 hours a week (1 tutor) and 1 hour per tutor (multiple tutors)
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