Celestial Born (US-Pagle) Application
Thank you for your interest in Celestial Born! Our roster openings are listed below. Please apply by filling out all questions below with sufficient detail. If we wish to proceed to an interview, we will contact you directly. All applications are thoroughly discussed and reviewed so it may take several days for us to reach out.

Raid Member Openings:
-1 Priest (Heals)
-1 Paladin (Holy)
-1 Mage

For questions regarding our guild or your application's status, contact FAYRE#0120 or Smoke#9427 on Discord.
Please enter your Discord ID below (ex: Smoke#9427). *
What is your class/spec? Please list all characters you are capable of/interested in playing on our raid team. *
How did you discover Celestial Born? *
Can you make the following raid times? Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 9:00 pm - 1:00 am (EST) *
Describe why you are interested in becoming a member of Celestial Born. *
What interesting or helpful qualities would you bring to Celestial Born? *
Voice communication is required of all Celestial Born Raid Members. Do you have a functioning microphone and the ability to communicate clearly in English? *
Celestial Born Raid Members are required to bring their full focus and attention to each raid night. Please acknowledge that Celestial Born Raid Members are required to raid outside of the influence of drugs and/or alcohol (any other time, go for it). *
Please describe your prior MMO experience, including a detailed history of your WoW PVE and/or PVP history. Please include a direct link to your Classic WarcraftLogs page. If you stream or record your raids, please include a link to a recent raid VOD. Please note that applicants who move to an interview with us may be required to provide a VOD so recording ahead of time is encouraged! *
Please provide a link to a screenshot of your current UI via Imgur. Healing applicants should provide a screenshot from a raid with their raid frames populated. *
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you? Tell us something interesting about yourself! *
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