"How Do You Train That?" Podcast Guest Request
The "How Do You Train That?" podcast talks to awesome trainers doing cool stuff with their animals. Each week covers some problem solving or skills topics with input from multiple trainers. The target audience is dog owners who have capped out of Level 1 or Level 2 classes and newer professional trainers who haven't had the opportunity to get a lot of experience. Each episode should run about 30 minutes.
Guests will have a biography and links to their company website on the blog post and in the show notes.
Are you a dog or animal trainer that is interested in being a guest on the "How Do You Train That?" podcast?
You must have internet access, headphones, and a microphone. The software doesn't work on a smartphone or tablet.
Please add howdoyoutrainthat@gmail.com to your contacts list to avoid messages going to spam.
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