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The following form is an official sign on for organizations and agencies wishing to join the Prescribe Outside Partnership. Before signing up, please read the Mission, Vision, and Values as well as Partner responsibilities.

By filling out the form below, your organization is signing onto the Prescribe Outside Partnership, and agreeing to support equitable access to green space for the benefit of health and well-being of families in the Philadelphia Region.

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The Prescribe Outside Partnership


In the Philadelphia region, all pediatric and family health providers prescribe time in nature to children and families, and they are able to fulfill their prescription (safely access nature and the outdoors), resulting in a measurable improvement of health. 


The Prescribe Outside Partnership (the Partnership) convenes a network of diverse partners who understand the health benefits of nature and the outdoors and believe that it should be accessible to all people.  The Partnership trains and supports Philadelphia pediatric and family health providers in prescribing nature to their patients and patients are able to safely access nature and the outdoors daily for improved health. The Partnership prioritizes support to communities with a lack of access to greenspace.

Partnership Values

  1. Well-being: We believe that time spent in nature is a powerful vector for behavioral and physical wellness

  2. Equity: We believe all children should have access to quality nature experiences regardless of zip code, race, or socio-economic status

  3. Environmental Justice: We acknowledge Philadelphia’s history of environmental inequity and the impact it has today.

  4. Innovation: We believe the health issues facing Philadelphia families today require creative, forward-thinking, and integrative solutions.

  5. Inclusion: We listen to, lift up, and co-create with the communities and the region we serve.

  6. Appreciation for Nature: We aim to inspire a lifelong appreciation for and stewardship of nature by demonstrating its inherent value to personal  health and well-being.

Duties and Responsibilities: Members can participate as Partners or Advisors.

Partners and Advisors are responsible for promoting the goals of the Prescribe Outside Partnership, most importantly by working to stand up a city-wide nature prescriptions program, where health providers prescribe nature and outdoor programming to children and families, who are able to safely access and enjoy these public spaces for improved health.  They do this by participating in Partnership meetings and activities, and keeping the Partnership informed about issues in the Philadelphia region related to community health and access to outdoor nature and public spaces.  Advisors will not advocate/participate in any advocacy efforts and will recuse themselves from any decision in which there is a conflict of interest.

Duties and responsibilities are listed below. Advocacy-related duties and responsibilities that apply only to Partners are denoted with asterisks ***.

1. Prepare for each Partnership meeting by reading material distributed prior to the meeting (meetings are held quarterly or 4/year).

2. Attend regular and special Partnership meetings and participate in Coalition-sponsored activities.

3. Serve on committees and/or working groups as needed.

4. Maintain knowledge of current programs of the Partnership and be informed by the health, parks and trails, pedestrian and bike safety, and community.

5. Make a personal contribution (not necessarily financial) to the Partnership.***

6. Solicit the support of public and private parties in the community. ***

7. Share resources and talents with the organization, including expertise, and contacts for in-kind contributions.

8. Serve as an advocate of the Partnership.

9. Be accessible, at least by phone and email, to other Partnership Members as needed.

10. Fulfill commitments within the agreed-upon deadlines.

11. Accept majority Partnership decisions and support the mission.

12. Maintain the confidentiality of any information given to members described as Confidential.

13. Take the initiative and provide leadership. ***

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Will your organization sign on to join the Prescribe Outside Partnership and support Philadelphia health providers prescribing nature and the outdoors to children and families and make sure these families have safe access to nature and the outdoors to fulfill their prescriptions for improved health?


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