Caledonia Library Association Community Survey
The Caledonia Library Association is dedicated to both maintaining and expanding the services the Library provides. We believe your Library can remain established as a centerpiece in the community, with updated services and more opportunities for people to enjoy those services. To that end the Association is moving forward with a plan to revitalize your library through a building expansion.
The key to a successful expansion effort, in both facility space and services, is to solicit input from you, the community. We need to know what your thoughts are on what you like about the library, what services you’d like to see expanded, your ideas for added services, and your thoughts on what you would like to see included in the facility expansion. Your input is critical, as we cannot and should not move forward without it.
Please check the services most important to you in your Library:
Please tell us what you currently like about your library:
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Please provide any other thoughts or suggestions:
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