CSO Ensembles-in-Schools Request
The Chattanooga Symphony & Opera String & Wind Quintets serve the greater Chattanooga area through performances in schools, senior centers, hospitals, and other community locations throughout the season. If requesting a school visit, please fill out the request below and we will do our best to arrange a visit!

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Elementary school shows are typically 30 minutes. We can schedule two shows, but there must be a 15-minute break in-between. Different performance options may be available at the middle/high school level. Shows within Hamilton County can be scheduled between 9am-3pm EST. Outside of Hamilton County should be between 10am-2pm EST.
If you are requesting specific dates/times, please list them here:
Is there a specific program you would like the ensembles to perform?
Information about program offerings can be found on our website - http://chattanoogasymphony.org/elementary
Please provide information about parking/directions, and any special instructions for the musicians when entering the building. *
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We will adhere to the scheduled start time.
We will do our best to ensure good audience behavior from our students.
We will provide straight-back chairs (no arms) for the musicians.
We will provide a performance space that is well-lighted (at least 10x12 feet) and between 65-80 degrees Farenheit.
We will not allow anyone to make any audio/video recordings of this performance or use flash photography (non-flash photos are fine).
We agree to fill out an evaluation form after the performance.
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