JASPA Community Impact Award Nomination
Nominations are due on the 5th of every month.

The JASPA Community Impact Award will recognize individuals, teams, or colleges/universities that have made a significant, positive impact in their collegiate community. This award is intended to acknowledge the many meaningful contributions that Jesuit Student Affairs work has on the college student experience. Whether it is an innovative program, an impactful student-service, a notable scholarly work, or an institutional commitment to college student development, this award will spotlight noteworthy efforts to impact the college student experience, in the spirit of the Jesuit mission.

This award will be given monthly in order to emphasize the many different ways that Jesuit Student Affairs can impact the college community. Nominations can be submitted to the JASPA Awards Committee on an ongoing, rolling basis. Nominations must be received on the 5th of each month and winners will be announced on the 15th of each month. Winners will receive a congratulations letter, a certificate of recognition, and will receive public recognition on our JASPA Website.

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