2019 Rain Barrel Art Contest Entry Form
All Rain Barrels must be submitted on or before September 24th to the Test Site Art Gallery - 213 N 3rd Street, Rockford, IL

This form must be completed in order to participate in the contest.
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While the event organizers will do their best to make sure the rain barrel is not damaged, I will not hold the event organizers responsible should the rain barrel become damaged, stolen or vandalized. *
I would like the rain barrel to be auctioned off through eBay. *
I have read the information regarding the Rain Barrel Art Contest 2019 posted on the Rockford Sustainability Summit website. *
I plan to attend the award ceremony on October 5th at the Test Site Art Gallery. The event is from 5 pm - 8:30 pm. Winners will be revealed and awarded prizes at 7 pm. *
Contact Bob Babcock 630-417-0042 or email WeLoveRockValley@hotmail.com to arrange a date and time to drop off your finished rain barrel.
Thank you for participating!
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