Experience Survey for RailsBridge Code4Lib 2013 Workshop
Please answer the following questions so that we can place you in the appropriate class!
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What operating system will you use? *
You'll need to bring a laptop to participate.
Have you ever attended a Railsbridge Workshop before?
If yes, how many?
Web Programming Languages *
Check any of the following Programming / Markup Languages you have had experience with:
Have you ever edited an HTML file?
Lists & Arrays *
Have you ever used a programming language to create or edit a list or array?
Loops *
Have you ever used a loop?
Functions & Methods *
Have you ever made your own function or method?
Object Oriented Programs *
Have you ever written an object oriented program?
Rails Application Generation *
Have you ever created a Rails application from the command line?
Scaffold Generation *
Have you ever run the 'rails generate scaffold' command?
Rails Migration *
Have you ever successfully created and applied a Rails migration?
Git & Heroku
Have you ever used git to deploy to Heroku? (Note: We may not have time to do this part of the workshop.)
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