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NOTE: These prices are for a head-and-shoulders graphite pencil portrait of one pet. Portraits of two or more pets are priced on an individual basis. Hit your "back" button and click the "Ask A Question" form to request a quote.
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At least one high-resolution photo demonstrating the pose and personality you wish captured in your pet portrait is required. Additional photos showing close-up views of eyes or other important features are welcomed. (If you are uncertain about anything on this list, contact us using the "Ask A Question" form on our home page.) This checklist will help ensure that you're providing the best possible photo(s) to your artist:
By selecting "yes" below, you agree to the following: 1) portraits are created using graphite pencils and are delivered on archival quality paper, with an archival quality mat, ready for framing; 2) your deposit is non-refundable; 3) you will be emailed a digital image of the final portrait before it is shipped; 4) average turnaround time is 3 weeks, but this may vary. *
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