Registration Change Request
Enter your request for any changes to your registration (schedule, fees, etc). We place the request in a queue and process them within a week from the request. Note: Schedule changes can only happen if there is space and may incur a fee. Referrals are appreciated and once confirmed will be processed weekly AUTOMATICALLY.
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Your name *
The name of the person who registered (child or parent either is ok as long as we find you in databases)
How did you register? *
We first have to find your records. Hopefully you registered thru Startup Wonder website but we also have listing partners such as eventbright, Activity Hero, Galore, Care...(not sure? check your receipt).
What do you want changed?
More detail helps us process fast and accurate. Example-1: Change {Child-name} from {camp-xyz} in {Location-1} to {camp-abc} in {location-2} Example-2: My name is {nameInDatabase}, I referred 2 people, {name-x} and {name-y} I know they registered. Please issue my rebate refund ....
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