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Dear Members of Michigan People's Campaign:

This year we will elect a new governor in Michigan! We want the next governor to fight for workers' rights, environmental justice, jobs for all, healthcare for all, drivers' licenses for all, and criminal justice reform. This is why on Saturday, July 14, MPC will have a governor's endorsement caucus, where you, the MPC delegates, will debate and decide which candidate receives the endorsement of MPC.

There are two ways to become a delegate:

A.) Come to a 2 hour training on movement politics, deep canvassing, and our endorsement process. At the end of the training, you can become a delegate by signing a pledge to speak with 20 voters in our list before the August primary and 50 voters in our list before the November election. You can also substitute the 20 voter conversations with 10 voter registrations. These trainings are taking place BEFORE the July 14th Caucus.


B.) You can attend one of the trainings and also recruit 5 people to attend the trainings and become delegates through the process above. Once your 5 recruits attend and signing their pledge forms, you automatically become delegate!

All members of MPC can become delegates, regardless of immigration or citizenship status and have a voice in deciding which candidates will MPC endorse. Members of the candidate endorsement committee get a vote on the candidates MPC will endorse in the primary elections and general elections for the following races:

-Michigan Governor 2018
-State representatives in your county 2018
-State senators in your county 2018

Come to one of our next delegate orientations! Or, contat us to host your own!!

Friday, July 13th, from 6PM - 8 PM, 4405 Wesson St, Detroit, MI 48210

Saturday, July 14th, BEFORE THE CAUCUS VOTE, 10am, 2651 Saulino Ct, Dearborn, MI 48120
* This is the LAST training for individuals to attend and participate as the vote is ON July 14th at NOON

NOTE: Candidates for any office being voted on in 2018, candidate campaign staff, and staff/officers of organizations endorsing in the gubernatorial election are not eligible for office.

Registrate Para La Capacitacion de Delegados de MPC
Todos los miembros de MPC pueden ser parte del comite de endorsamiento, sin importar estatus migratorio o ciudadania. Queremos que tengan una vos en decidir que candidatos reciviran el endorsamiento de MPC en las elecciones. Los miembros del comite de endorsamiento tendran un voto en el endorcamiento de los candidatos en las siguientes elecciones:
-Gobernador de Michigan 2018
-representantes estatales en tu condado 2018
-senadores estatales en tu condado 2018

Para ser un miembro del comite de edorsamiento de MPC, tienes que comprometerte a lo siguiente:
1. Asistir una capacitacion de los compromisos de endorsamiento
2. Hablaras con 20 votantes en nuestra lista antes de las primarias de Agosto
3. Hablaras con 50 votantes en nuestra lista entre las primarias de Agosto y las elecciones de Noviembre
4. Alternativamente registraras a 20 votantes
5. Alternativamente, reclutaras a 5 personas para que sean miembros del comite y complan con los pasos 1-3 de esta lista.

Proximas Fechas de Capacitacion:

Sàbado, 7 de julio: 10 AM - 12 PM la oficina de MPC
Viernes, 13 de julio: 6 PM - 8 PM la oficina de MPC

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This endorsement process is for the governor's race. Regardless of other endorsements you are involved in, you must come to one of these trainings in order to be a part of our endorsement caucus, otherwise we cannot accommodate your participation in our governor's endorsement process.
Este proceso es para seleccionar al candidato para gobernador que eueremos apoyar. Para participar en este proceso de endorsaamineto, tienes que asistir una de estas capacitaciones. Si no puedes asistir ninguna de estas capacitaciones, no podremos permitir que participes en nuestro proceso de seleccion de gobernador.
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