Classical Dance
We invite delegates attending 2018 VSNA Convention to register for various competitions that are
scheduled for day 1 and day 2 of the convention. Please note the designated age group for participation for each category and the type of activity in which you are interested. Some of these sessions may run in parallel and thus you are urged to check the program details for the competition schedule on the convention website. Please be on time for the signed activity and there is no make-up time for missed activities. Kindly bring it to our attention if there are any conflicts as many of you may be participating in more than one activity.

It is mandatory that all participants including children should register for the convention before sending the entry form. Please fill out the form on the web and submit by June 15, 2018. Children, youth and adults are encouraged to participate in more than one activity.

All of these competitions carry trophies/plaques. Please read guidelines before filling the form online.

1. Two categories: Ages 7-11, 12-18 years
2. Maximum duration: 5 minutes for 7-11 group, 7 minutes for 12-18 group
3. Participants should make their own arrangements for any props they may need for the dance.
4. Any music audio needed for the dance should be sent when they sign up for competition. Label
the file identifying your name, chapter/region & contact phone number .
5. Participants are responsible for collecting their items soon after their performance. Organizers are not responsible for the misplaced or lost items.

NOTE: Competition will be cancelled if the number of contestants per competition is less than 3.

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