2017 NYU Game Center Incubator Application
The purpose of the NYU Game Center Incubator is to bridge experimental work with the realities of the marketplace. The Incubator gives promising games time, space, guidance, and resources to maximize their chances of commercial success.

Once accepted into the Incubator, participating projects are provided a structure to address the marketing, legal, financial, and other business issues of launching a successful commercial game. The Game Center fosters partnerships with game publishers, technology companies, veteran developers, lawyers, journalists, and other industry experts who guide the Incubator participants towards their launch goal. Through a combination of curriculum development, events programming, production assistance, and financial support, the goal of the Incubator is to bring to market innovative work that might not otherwise get there.

The Incubator will run from 6/1 - 9/1. Each core team member will be provided a $6,000 stipend over the course of the program to cover their cost of living during the period of incubation, subject to their continued satisfaction of Incubator milestones. Each game will also receive dedicated mentorship time from the Advisory Board members, Game Center faculty, and other local NYC-based game developers. As part of joining the Incubator, core team members must commit themselves to working full-time (~40 hours/week) on the project for the duration of the Incubator at the NYU Game Center. The project may include additional developers in any working arrangement at the discretion of the team. The only stipulation on team composition is each stipend-earning developer must work full-time at the Incubator.

The Game Center Incubator will take a minority revenue share in each project released from the incubator. If a project makes more than $10,000 in a calendar year, revenue after the first $10,000 will be shared with the Incubator. The purpose of the Incubator is not to make money. Its purpose is to support ongoing game development in New York. Money received through the revenue share will fund future teams.

We're looking for innovative projects that are finished or are close to finished and would benefit from a focused, final push to maximize their opportunity for commercial success. The Incubator is a program about developing a launch strategy, meaning it is not suitable for games that in the pre-production, prototype, proof of concept, or alpha phase. The Incubator is designed to assist polished betas or nearly finished games prepare for launch. Games may be digital or non-digital and the Incubator is platform agnostic. To get a sense of the games we've worked with, you can see games selected in previous years here: http://gamecenter.nyu.edu/about/incubator/

The Incubator aims to assist a wide variety of game styles and game makers. If you are unsure if you game is appropriate for the Incubator, contact Dylan McKenzie, the Incubator Director at dylan.mckenzie@nyu.edu

To apply to the program, fill out the form below. Applying for the Incubator does not commit you to join. All applicants will be given an opportunity to review the full terms of the Incubator agreement before joining the program. Projects will be selected by the Incubator Advisory Board with guidance from the Game Center Faculty and Staff. Online applications will be reviewed first, and subset of the online applications will be invited to pitch in-person at The Game Center in late April.

Applications will be evaluated along three vectors: Commercial potential, production feasibility, and innovation.

Commercial Potential: What are this game's commercial aspirations?

Production Feasibility: Can these developers bring the game from its current place to those goals?

Innovation: The Incubator is most interested in games that aren't obviously commercially viable from the onset. Is this the kind of interesting/experimental/innovative game that could benefit from the Incubator?

4/16 - Application Due
4/21 - Demo Night invitation sent out to selected applicants
4/26 - Demo Night with Advisory Board for selected applicants
Early May - Application Status Notifications sent out

The Incubator runs from Thursday 6/1 until Friday 9/1.

Questions? Write the Incubator Director at dylan.mckenzie@nyu.edu

Project Title *
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What is it? *
Please describe the project, including links to screenshots and video(s). All applications must include at least one video. Outline the current state of the project - what remains unfinished and what are the current design and production hurdles? In what state will the project be when the Incubator begins?
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Who are the core developers? *
Briefly describe the core developer(s) and their role(s) on the project. A core developer works full time on the game and will receive the stipend. The project must be led by at least one core developer.
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Are there additional collaborators? *
There may be multiple full or part-time collaborators who do not receive the stipend. A freelancer working for revenue share, for example. Briefly describe any additional collaborators and their role on the project.
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What does successful launch look like? *
Articulate what this project looks like after a successful launch. For example, what are the intended launch platforms? What is the revenue model and how much can you expect the game to earn? When will it be released? Details about your production and launch plan are encouraged. Clearly you may not know these answers yet, we're looking for your sense of the project's aims.
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What are the risks and challenges? *
Describe the production challenges, open questions, personnel needs, or other anticipated impediments to success.
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Include any download, install, or other necessary instructions as well. If this method is not possible, contact dylan.mckenzie@nyu.edu for instructions.
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