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Families do not register for classes. BSIL staff will register students based on requests forms received and recommendations by staff. Registration request forms will be reviewed on a first come first served basis. Schedules will be posted to the MSP portal beginning August 1st. If you do not have a portal login, please email Michelle at PLEASE READ THE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS BEFORE REQUESTING CLASSES.
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If one of the options does not apply to you, please contact Brittany Williams
Please read class descriptions BEFORE requesting a class. Following the prerequisites is required. Students will be withdrawn from the class if placement is not appropriate. *
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I understand and agree I am financially responsible for tuition and fees for the entire school year, and that tuition and fees are due and payable as indicated on this contract. If my child(ren) is dismissed, suspended, expelled, or removed from BSIL at the discretion of BSIL, I am still obligated to pay the remaining balance of tuition and fees, plus any costs of arbitration and/or collection. Should I remove my child(ren) from BSIL, regardless of the reason, I am still obligated to pay the remaining balance of tuition and fees, plus any costs of arbitration and/or collection. I understand and agree that any payment not received or alternate payment arrangements made within 30 days of the due date may result in the voiding of the contract with BSIL. I also understand students will not be allowed to attend classes, receive work or make up work when tuition is 30 days overdue. A student’s tuition payment must be current in order for her/him to receive progress reports, transcripts or any communication with other schools or organizations.
We will invoice you for the Student Fees August 1st. Please select applicable fees *
Please read the Class Description BEFORE requesting classes. ALL BSIL students 11 years and up MUST register for a BSIL Daily Checkin every day they attend
Fine Arts
Students requesting to register for Teaching Textbooks need to register for at least three classes per week *software registration fees apply
Physical Education
Social Studies
We recommend that AASP request to register for at least 2 AASP class times per week. We recommend that Wheelhouse students sign up for at least 1 WHSB class time in addition to the Wheelhouse class.
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