Chunky Blanket event Jan 17th
Hi! I'm so excited you want to join me for Chunky Blanket Making Just a few things we need to make sure get done before our event.....

You will receive skeins of yarn -$59 in person event
Supplies include 3 skeins of yarn

**US Event**Sorry we cannot ship internationally

Please help filling out this form so we can pull aside your colors for the event and we will send over an invoice payment.
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Which colors would you like me to ship? Choose 4 colors please! Up to 3 colors for blanket // 1 extra in case of shortage *
Of the colors you chose from the previous question, please tell me how many of each color you'd like (*must add up to 4 in total*) 3 skeins will be shipped- 4th is in case any of your colors are out. *
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