The Contributor Journal Form
WELCOME! This is the official journal entry form for the Pump the Bump Journal also known as the PB [&] J! We are thrilled to learn more about each of you. This dynamic community has a wide variety of expertise and enthusiasm to offer each other.

A few ground rules for the journal:
- Each entry is recommended to be 500 words or less with a clear theme
- Excessive profanity is discouraged
- One entry per form- multiple journal entries are welcome
- Entries mentioning a business will be a considered but a full sales pitch is more appropriate for our pop up profile feature

If your entry is chosen for public post, you will contacted at the email provided to submit photos and give final approval.

IMPORTANT! Please know we will take any entry implying harm to oneself or others very seriously. Anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum depression are very real experiences for many of you. Should an entry indicate the need for personal support we will reach out to you directly at the email provided.

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