Healthy Lifestyles Awards
Award Application must be received by April 15th
All Units must be in Good Standing

Award Purpose/Goal: To challenge all Northwest Cook Region PTA Councils and Local Units to implement programs with a holistic approach to improving the home/school health climate. This Award is based on the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships.

**NOTE: Units and Councils that have a Program/Event planned for the Spring of the school year may still apply for this award, if it can be proven that the program/event is planned and a date is set (flier, brochure, etc.). Units and Councils can also nominate themselves for a program/event that they currently hold/sponsor. If the program/event is held by the school district, proof must be provided of your Council's/Unit's assistance, sponsorship, or support.
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Standard 1: Welcoming All Families into the School Community - Hold a school or community wide program/event. Describe your program/event in detail. *
Standard 2: Communicating Effectively - Communicate to the family/school communities a minimum of twice during the school year to relay health related information. (Provide copies of your form of communications. Please email the attachments or screenshots of the communication to Use the subject "Healthy Award - <School Name>.) *
Standard 3: Supporting Student Success - Research shows a strong correlation between good health and student academic success. Describe what your Council/Unit has done to introduce health related measures that support your students' success. *
Standard 4: Speaking Up For Every Child - Advocate as a Council/Unit for a health related issue at the district, state or national level. Describe your advocacy efforts. *
Standard 5: Sharing Power - Form a committee to work with your school Principal and/or district Superintendent to jointly form school district policies related to health and wellness. Provide at least one (1) meeting agenda from this committee. (Please email the attachments or screenshots of the meeting agenda to Use the subject "Healthy Award - <School Name>.) *
Standard 6: Collaborating with the Community - Join with a community partner(s) to host or otherwise support one or more of your Healthy Lifestyles programs/events. Describe your collaboration. (Points will be given for monetary support, but full points will only be given if your community partner(s) are also otherwise engaged in this program/event.) *
Option 7: Originality and Innovation - Describe which of your programs/events mentioned in this application did not exist in your school/district/community prior to this challenge, or how you significantly changed/enhanced an existing program/event to improve the home-school health climate. You may also describe a new event that does not necessarily fall into any of the above categories that has significantly changed the home-school health climate. *
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