Application - TrustTemenos Leadership Academy
This is your application for the TrustTemenos Leadership Academy.
This is not a test. You can't fail or pass.
These questions - and your answering - are supposed to grow your awareness of what you want from this course. Where we give multiple questions, pick the one resonating with you - we don't want to "fix" you on specific words.
Secondarily, your answers will help us guide you towards success.
Please, take 1h (or a similar time box that works for you) and read the questions, then answer those you feel called to. Likely, that will be those where you can discover something new while thinking about them.
Don't try to be perfect or comprehensive.
Feel free to revisit your answers before and during the course to further clarify your intentions.
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First and last name
What is my specific style/art/magic of leadership?
When I'm leading at my best, that's like what?
What is my unfair advantage? What’s the difference only I can make?
What is my calling? My purpose? My WHY? What do I feel called to bring into the world? What difference do I want to make?
What is holding me back from realising my full potential?
Which challenge do I want this program to help me with?
If I conquer this challenge, what’s the bigger challenge beyond it?
What would I like to have happen in this program?
What should not happen?
How much time do I plan to invest in my improvement? What am I willing to invest or sacrifice to make this program a success for me?
What makes “now” a good time for me to join?
What are my open questions which need to be answered before I sign up?
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