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You identify as a media creator who is a person of color (BIPOC), not a male identifying and over 18 years old. *
You also accept, uphold, and agree to adhere (to the best of your ability) to the conditions of confidentiality and will not reproduce, publish, or plagiarize materials from Mezcla at any time or in any part.
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We at Mezcla recognize the problematic aspects of demographic questions. However, we also recognize that we live in a capitalistic society and, in order to be a sustainable collective, we are required to collect this information to receive certain funding. So we gently ask that you answer the following questions to the best of your ability. What's your zip code? *
What is your neighborhood? *
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We're so excited to have you officially join our community! Is there anything else you would like to share with us? (i.e. your motivation for joining, how we could best support you, etc..)
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To become Mezcla member, we ask for a fee of $50 ($25 for students or recent grads). You can remit payment via the link below. Please mark this question as complete once you're done. Thanks! *
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