Modern Men and Masculinity Questionnaire (3MQ)
Some questions are multiple choice, others have tick-boxes, and still others ask for a few words. There are no 'required' responses. Please answer as many questions as you feel able to.

N.B. Choices marked "Other' allow for you to comment or add a more exact response.

Sexual Orientation
Your answer
Family of Origin
Home, Background, Parents, Siblings, etc.
Many of us grow up in conventional families - others do not. Please specify
Were you an only child?
My upbringing was...
My Father was/is:
My Mother was/is
Please write a sentence describing any brothers and sisters you may have had.
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Did you have any step parents? If so, please write five words to describe them.
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Did you have step siblings? If so please write five words to describe them
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Were there any other significant relatives at home when you were growing up?
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Isolation is a growing factor in men's lives and friendships can make a big difference.
When it comes to friends I have...
My friends tend to be
Health and Wellbeing
Regarding my health I would say...
When I get physically sick I...
Regarding my mental health
I feel most relaxed or comfortable when...
Solitude, loneliness & Isolation
Fitness & Exercise
Food & Nutrition
Self & Body
Men and Feelings
Which of the following apply to you?
Grief & Sadness
Shame & Guilt
Real Men
As we grow up, we are often told what makes a real man. In the twenty-first century the following statements may or may not be true for you. Which ones do you agree or disagree with?
A real man is a provider and achiever
A real man is curious and keen to learn
A real man can handle himself in a fight
A real man is always polite and respectful
A real man can hold his drink
A real man has integrity and speaks his truth
A real man is a skilful and confident lover
A real man is sensitive, caring and compassionate
A real man is popular and tells a great joke
A real man is a generous and loyal friend
Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll
We live in a complicated world and many men are drawn to different substances and behaviours. It gets us out of ourselves - and sometimes helps us to manage, or self-medicate difficult feelings.
I drink alcohol
I take recreational drugs
Do you have, or have you ever, had a problem with any of the following...
Have you ever sought help for, or been in recovery from an addiction.
Men & Conflict
Conflict has long been a traditional part of men's lives. It can be seen to give us status and a sense of who we are.
Which, if any, of the following apply to you
In the course of my life, I have been physically injured or wounded
Men & The Law
Have you ever attended a criminal court?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Have you ever served time in a prison or young offenders institution?
Men & Work
What is your primary occupation?
Kinds of work
What recreational activities do you engage in?
Mentoring - Have you ever been supported by or supported another man?
Men & Community
From gangs to masonic lodges, men have traditionally gathered for mutual support, personal growth and networking in fraternal organisations and groupings.
I am or have been affiliated to the following men's organisations, associations and groupings
Political and Social Concerns... I am worried about...
Men & Sex
Please be assured that this is an anonymous questionnaire and answer as many questions as you feel able to. Your answers will help in informing and enlightening other men.

Each section below has an 'other' box in which you can add a short clarification, if you wish.

Sex is...
Which gender do you prefer to have sex with?
Which gender do you fantasise about having sex with?
What is the preferred age of your sexual partner(s)?
In your fantasies, what is the preferred age of your sexual partner(s)?
Do you consider yourself to be...
Have you ever engaged in illegal sexual activity
Have you ever engaged in sex without a partner's full consent (i.e. when they were drunk, said no, etc.)?
Have you ever committed an act of sexual violence?
Have you ever been a victim of sexual violence?
Have you ever committed a sexual act you later felt ashamed of?
As a boy or youth, were you sexually abused?
Have you ever paid for:
Porn Settings: Have you ever used...