Time Bubble 2018 Raffle Prize Submission
Time Bubble 2018 is running in Carnegie Hall at RPI in Troy, NY, on Oct 12-14, 2018
Dice Bubble conducts a raffle to help raise funds to continue to operate at a low cost to attendees. Prizes are submitted by attendees, and tickets are collected for each individually. The deadline for prize submission is close of con Friday night of the con for which they will be raffled off. Dice Bubble reserves the right to reject submitted prizes for any reason, including prizes that violate the Bubble prohibited items list. The drawings will occur at wrap of the con, tickets will be accepted up until the drawing begins. Attendees do not have to be present for the drawing if they leave a way to contact them with the Bubble staff. If a winner is not present and there is no way to contact them, a new name will be drawn.
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