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If you are selling with your spouse (or relative that is helping you)  - please include them while completing this form.  We don't want them to be left in the dark. ;)  thx *
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Will you be occupying the home when it goes live on the MLS? *
Is your property held in a Trust? *
If it's held in a Trust, please add the full name of the trust.
Who is on the title of the home?  In other words, who will need to be signing the listing paperwork?  Remember, in MN if you're married, both will need to sign. *
To gauge your level of experience and thoughts about selling, we'd like to know;  Is this the 1st time you've ever SOLD a home? *
Will there be anyone else advising you or helping you make decisions with this process or negotiations?  If so, that totally fine but we ask that we include them in all meetings and communications from day one.   *
Will you be working with our Designer?  If yes, then you can text/call her to schedule your design Consult.  Deanna 612-327-1916.  Go here to learn about the details of the consultation -
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What are the top 3-5 features that you love about your home the most (inside and/or out)
What are your top 3-5 things/features that you love about your area, city, neighborhood, schools etc..?
What is the ideal time for your home to go on the market?  This can be a specific date, a week, or a just a general timeframe.  (in not just skip)
Do you have a specific date when you need to close on the home? (in not just skip)
What company do you use for gas service and what's the average monthly bill? (estimate)
What company do you use for electric service and what's the average monthly bill? (estimate)
Who do you use for garbage service and what's the average monthly bill? (estimate)
Who is your internet provider and do they offer cable, DSL, Fiber or all of the above and what’s the cost? (estimate)
Does your property have a well or septic (or any underground system)?  If yes, please provide any info. *
If you answered YES to a well or septic, please explain if those systems are capped or operational.  We'll want to collect any documentation for this if you have any.
**IMPORTANT** Are there any City or Tax Assessments pending, proposed plans/projects in your neighborhood that you are aware of?  Even if there are talks or future plans you need to disclose this.  Sellers have been forced to pay for this because they didn't disclose. *
What is the loan balance on your mortgage (a close estimate is fine)?  We use this to create your net sheet so you can see all of your fees and profit at closing.   *
Are there any liens (2nd mortgage, judgements taxes) attached to your property besides your 1st mortgage? *
If you have participated in any mortgage forbearance (COVID Relief), just be aware that you'll see that owed balance on your closing statement.  It doesn't go away. *
Are you current on your mortgage payments? *
Do you have an HOA (Home Owners Association).         If the answer is YES, then you'll need to know this - **IMPORTANT** You will need to order the HOA Resale Disclosures, Rules and regulations.  Also called the "Home Packet".  The cost ranges from $100-$350.  Most HOA's have a website portal where you can order the full resale package.  If there is any confusion regarding this, please call your HOA and they can walk you through the order.  **This is not an old set of paperwork.  This package is something that needs to be ordered fresh/updated.** *
FYI on the Yard Sign.  We will order a sign (post) to be installed in your yard.  Don't be alarmed when the company will come and mark the underground utility lines in your yard with colored flags.  If you do NOT want a sign in your yard, just let us know. *
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