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Rating system-

Reviews will receive a star * rating
*****5 Great
****4 Alright
***3 Ok
**2 Poor
*1 Did not like the book

By accepting a review copy we will uphold our bargain to give an honest review with a guarantee of 100% honesty. This comes with a promise to be as precise in detail as can be, even if it were constructive criticism. Reviews are posted on our DWED blog, Facebook, Goodreads and twitter pages. We retain the right to post our reviews of any context on any site we utilize at our discretion. By submitting a book for review the Author agrees to allow us to post our reviews criticized or otherwise. DWED will not post content that can be defined as malicious in context that may detract from the chance of sale. Note that every readers preference is different and while we may not like every book submitted for review through our site, we, both reviewer and author understand that any review given has been thoroughly explained and expressed to the best of our ability. All opinions expressed on our site are protected under our first amendment rights. Please notate all content listed in our disclaimer before contacting us with a review request.

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