Dreamstate Application
Mention your name, age, country, timezone and Discord ID (ex: Dreamstate#666).
How would you describe yourself?
List your character name, level, class and race. What is your reasoning for picking these?
Link your intended raiding specc, feel free to add comments to it. Use https://tbc.wowhead.com/
We expect you to have an alt, what class/professions/specc is it?
Describe your raiding experience in World of Warcraft. Naturally Classic experience matters the most, but feel free to mention other expansions or even other games as well.
Are there any current/previous guilds you want to mention? And if yes, why are you no longer with them?
Where do you hope to see yourself wow-related in 6 months from now?
Could you describe your ideal raiding environment and the ideal raider of a guild?
What are your greatest strengths as a player and community member? And what do you consider to be your weaknesses?
Why do you want to join Dreamstate?
How and/or where did you find out about Dreamstate, and what led you to apply?
Do you know anyone in Dreamstate who can vouch for you?
Why would we trial you over other applicants?
Dreamstate is expecting to raid on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, 18:30 - 23:30 server time with Wednesday as an extra option. This is always subject to change depending on guild needs. Does this timeframe fit you?
What consumables do you bring for progress and farm raids? (Be specific!)
Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? This is not mandatory, but advised
Do you intend to pursue any form of arena ranking/title in PvP and how does it interfere with your presence in PvE?
Anything else you would like us to know?
Do you have any logs to show of previous raids in Classic?
What is your current MS gear like? (Could also mention OS if relevant) Please use: https://seventyupgrades.com/
Please join our Discord for an easier means of contacting you in response to your application.
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