2020 Metro Vancouver Japan Bowl
The Japan Bowl® is the Japanese language and culture competition for high school students who are studying Japanese. Questions will be asked in English or Japanese. The top three teams from the Preliminary Round will proceed to the Championship Round. The Japan-America Society of Washington DC organized and hosted the first Japan Bowl in 1992. The first Canadian Japan Bowl was held in 2018 in Metro Vancouver.

Date: Sunday, February 23, 2020
Location: Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre
Team Registration: $10 (up to January 31) $20 (February 1 on)
Online payment: http://www.jetaabc.ca/jetaabc-japan-bowl-2020-payment/

Applications are submitted by teachers on behalf of students.
For each team member, please provide full name and age.
Thank you for filling in a separate form for each team.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Tuesday February 18, 2019.

Eligibility Criteria:
Canadian students who study Japanese at the high school level are eligible to compete:
a. Students who are native speaker of Japanese or who use Japanese at home are NOT eligible to compete.
b. Students who have had significant exposure to Japanese language and/or culture outside the high school curriculum are NOT eligible to compete. For example, students who have spent a cumulative total of three months or more in Japan might not be eligible to compete.

If you have any questions, please contact the Metro Vancouver Japan Bowl Organizing Committee at metrovancouverjapanbowl@gmail.com.
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