Christ House Ambassador Application - 2022
Thank you for your interest in being a Christ House Ambassador! We're looking for individuals who are passionate about Christ House's mission, and are committed to: volunteering their time, spreading our mission via event participation and social media, and supporting our fundraising efforts. An Ambassador commits to:

- Volunteering with fellow Ambassadors quarterly
- Attending monthly virtual Ambassador meetings/calls
- Securing a minimum of $250 for Christ House in 2022 (Ambassadors will receive peer-to-peer fundraising support)
- Supporting fundraising efforts, which could include
> Asking your employer about matching donations
> Hosting a fundraiser
> Collaborating with Ambassadors on fundraising events/projects
- Spreading Christ House's mission through social media, event support, and more

We ask that applicants be prepared to commit 1-3 hours per month to their work as ambassadors. Christ House will have monthly Ambassador calls to check-in.
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