The Cauldron Kitchen Application Form - 2017

The Cauldron Kitchen Inc. is a shared use commercial kitchen, operating in Ottawa, Ontario. The Facility offers small scale food entrepreneurs and chefs a space to operate their business without the needed infrastructure of a full time kitchen.

The Cauldron Kitchen Inc.’s main mission is to help grow Ottawa’s local food movement, and provide an alternative to the costs of starting your own kitchen in a highly competitive market.

In addition to the kitchen space, The Cauldron has space for meetings, classes, seminars, storage, and pop-up restaurants.

The Cauldron Kitchen Inc. is accepting applications for commercial users that are either a new business, or growing business, with a viable business idea that does not need it’s own full time kitchen. applicants should have:

*A vision for their business, a strong sense of Ottawa's food community, and local food systems.

*A willingness to help their fellow entrepreneurs, with a focus on mutual success.

*Understanding of a shared use kitchen concept.

This application form is the first step, which will be followed by a meet and greet along with a tour with management by promising candidates. Please note time in the kitchens is based on seniority, once the application is approved.

As part of the application process, we will contact you to meet and discuss your business.

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