Workshop Registration / Winter 2017
A series of practical classes, empowering you with new skills and knowledge. Receive comprehensive instruction (plus a printed handout) that will enable you to apply your new skills right away!

Full descriptions for these classes & what will be covered in each class can be found at

An additional series of classes will be offered in January / February. Those topics and dates will be announced mid- to late-December.

Feel free to suggest additional topics, or ask any questions... contact Deanna at, or by phone at 226-926-2395.

In the Kitchen
Learn traditional fermenting techniques and how to achieve results that are safe, easy, and delicious! Take the worry out of fermenting by knowing what to watch for, plus receive tips for achieving the best results.
Poultry Skills
A set of 2 classes, to teach the very practical skills of prepping a chicken for cooking. The first class covers the techniques for scalding, feathering and dressing a chicken. The second class covers the process of separating the chicken into pieces (boneless breast meat, legs, wings, soup bones). Take one or both classes! These will be held the same morning, with a break between the two classes. (These chickens that we work on must stay on the farm; we will not be selling or giving them to anyone. These classes are solely to teach the skills involved in preparing a chicken for cooking.)
Intro to Homeopathy
A very effective, safe, and easy-to-learn method of addressing a wide range of health issues. Learn how to use homeopathic remedies (with confidence!) to treat some of the most common symptoms and illnesses. This series is based on the 8-week Study Guide of Joette Calabrese (, which is the website through which the curriculum / Study Guide must be purchased, in addition to registering here). $8 / class, with 8 classes in this series. Empowering knowledge that can help you avoid the use of medications and their side effects. *** IMPORTANT *** When purchasing your study guide, input my name (Deanna van den Dries) as group leader, and this email address: deannavdd @ (without the spaces).
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