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In order to provide the best possible services to our students, at Hillel of Northern Nevada we asked you to take just a few minutes to help give us all the information that we should need throughout your college years. This information will be kept exclusively confidential and in house. Should you run for a leadership position in the future the information you provide here will be used in conjunction with your platform to help you create your peer campaign.
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Sophomore, Junior, or Senior to be an initial peer contact.
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Service based programs
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The student president would love to treat you to a cup of coffee or tea!
Are you interested in a study buddy?
Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
Like to hike/kayak/swim/ski or Want to learn?
Can you Read Hebrew/or decode Hebrew?
Want to participate in leading an abbreviated service, or an alternative service?
We are an Egalitarian group who holds everyone's observance in the highest regard. If you require a fully observant service, please reach out and let us know so that we can connect you.
Are you interested in Jewish text study, in trips, and or in Shabbaton(s)?
We have exceptional collaborative relationships with multiple organizations who share and overlap our service population.
Are you interested in Birthright trips to Israel?
Do you know the requirements for your free trip to Israel?
Are you interested in conferences & seminars?
Do you have any allergies, or illnesses we should be aware of?
Food allergies?
Do you have an academic plan?
Have you met with an academic advisor?
Are you interested in fellowships, internships, or employment?
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Do you want local arts, cultural, community resource facilitation?
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