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Are you willing to take part of the cabaret performance on Saturday (12th) evening for fellow friends, artist and local community? We encourage to perform with raw material as well as established performances. *
Are you interested in taking part of the Kid's Event (13th), where we teach and perform to local kids. The community there is beautiful, pure Portuguese, away from the tourism and kind. A fun way to give back to other people. *
We provide a generous collective dinner with main course, dessert and unlimited Portuguese wine (while eating). It costs 15€ per dinner per person and we provide it for 2 days 12.10 - 13.10 (15x2=30€)! We recommend signing up for it. Food at the surf'n'sites tour will be cooked and organized on the go. *
Saturday Night Food (12th)
Sunday Night Food (13th)
Do you need accomodation at the festival and trip? There is no camping possibilities but there is a place to park near the venue if you're with a van. We will help you search for a place to stay but you will have to pay it in advance. One night at airbnb/hostel per person is approximately 10€-15€. At the trip there's surely possibilities to stay with a van. *
Would like to run a FREE workshop throughout the day? If so, what is your workshop/jam about?
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