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PO Box 233818, Sacramento, CA 95823
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Do you have any students running for a Northern Region youth board position at this Conference? If so, please list the names of the students and the position they are running for. Make sure interested students fill out the Petition on our website at www.ubsuc.com/regions.html (Ex: Kishaun Thorntona, President; Dechelle Rasheed, Treasurer) *
List all participants who are attending this conference? Include their First and Last Names, Grade, and Shirt Size (S,M,L,XL,XXL) (ex: Kishaun Thorntona, Advisor, L ; Student First Name Last Name, 12, M *
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What are some of your students' interests? This will help us better prepare and plan for your students at the Conference and Convention.
What are some of the challenges you have with your BSU this year?
What are some of the best practices your BSU uses that other BSUs may benefit from? (Fundraising, events, recruitment, leadership opportunities, community service, etc)
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