Gopher Tortoise Data Request
To support the development of a Species Status Assessment (SSA) for the gopher tortoise, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is collecting, compiling, synthesizing, and analyzing the best available science on habitat and management of the species. This form is being used to gather data and information for the gopher tortoise SSA, which will be used to inform the classification decision for the gopher tortoise. Classification decisions are based only on the best available science. Multiple groups have requested additional clarification in the type of information that the Service will need to do the evaluation for this species, and therefore, we are providing this form for you to consider. However, the Service will accept information in any format that you can provide.

Please answer the below questions to the best of your ability. If there is other important information you think we should know about your property, please feel free to provide that in the last question on the form. We appreciate your time and effort! We would appreciate your response by September 15, 2019, if possible, to ensure we have adequate time to consider the information during our status review, but we will accept information throughout the entire process. All data and information submitted to us, including names and addresses, would become part of the administrative record.

In order to avoid duplication, please submit this form only once (via internet or PDF version). If PDF version, please provide to the Service at or through your respective association to provide to the Service.
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