2019-2020 Company Agreement Form
Being involved in The Dance Space’s competitive team comes with many responsibilities
for the dancer and the parents/guardians. The company packet contains a lot of information and it
is imperative that it is understood and complied with. This helps alleviate many stressors
throughout the year. If there are any questions please get the answers to them before
signing this agreement.
Email address *
Dancer(s) Name *
By joining this team your dancer and your family are acknowledging:
You are committing your time, your dancers time, and some family time, to our program. We try our best to layout all dates to events and activities, but some things do pop up last minute. We try our best to inform families of events not listed on the company calendar. You agree to understand the 3 Mandatory Competition Dates to attend and that attendance 2 weeks prior to each of these events is Mandatory. *
You acknowledge that your dancer is committed to The Dance Space’s competitive team for the entire season. August 2019 through end of Recital 2020. If your dancer decides to quit, no refunds will be issued for any fees/expenses that have already been paid. *
You acknowledge this year is a traveling nationals year and casting will be based on nationals attendance. Mainly concerning for ages 10 & up. *
You acknowledge by clicking YES on the wish list form to attend nationals I will be charged a nonrefundable fee of $150 on 9/1. *
You acknowledge if your dancer cannot attend this years nationals their team placement and casting may change. *
You acknowledge that you will keep your financial account up to date. This is how we keep the doors open, pay for your dancers costumes, and competition entry fees. Any accounts that go unpaid for more than 4 weeks will result in asking the dancer to not return until the account is brought up to a current standing. *
You acknowledge the amount of stress Ms. Leanna and Ms. Tera endure during the competition season. With this in mind, you will not discuss a sensitive manner with them during an event or competition. This will only be discussed in private at a different time at least 72 hours after an event. *
If any parent or dancer has a public verbal altercation or social media altercation with any TDS faculty or another TDS family member, they will be immediately asked to leave TDS without returning. No refunds of any kind will be issued. *
You acknowledge that the role of a dance teacher can seem all encompassing with non dance related teachings BUT you acknowledge that any TDS staff member is not responsible for providing, promising to provide, or expected to provide anything other than DANCE training to your dancer. Dance teachers are not therapists, counselors, doctors, or soul crushers. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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