2023-2024 HGEC Teen In-take
TO BE COMPLETED BY TEEN.  Please provide some background information about yourself. The goal is for you to tell us what you think we need to know to be most supportive of you. ***We intend to keep your responses confidential between you and HGEC facilitators.***
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1. Name & Pronouns *
2. Contact information: Cell Phone, Discord, or other medium? *
3. What are your three favorite analog ways of spending time?  What your three favorite digital ways of spending time?  (please indicate, with friends or in your own good company) *
4. What is important to you as a teenager that may not have been previously?   *
5.  What is your desired educational path during your teen years 13-17, before officially being considered an adult at 18 in our society?  Why would you like to join HGEC?  
6. Please mark all the grades in which you have attended a traditional or Montessori, etc. school (private or public) *
7. What types of learning environments have you been exposed to? *
8. In your high school years do you plan to pursue:
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9. Thank you for completing this questionnaire and for giving us an insight into your being.
I understand as a teenager in this mixed age community my behavior is to be consistent with HGEC Values and embody kindness, compassion and mindfulness.  My acceptance is based on trust given by HGEC, and as a condition of continuing in this community I will aim to maintain that trust.

I certify that the information included in this application is true and complete. 
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