Cross-Cultural Forensic Psychology (CCFP) Lab Research Assistant Application
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University of Manitoba Email
Major GPA
Minor GPA
Overall GPA (Note: we prefer to accept applications with a GPA of 3.5 or higher)
Year at University of Manitoba
Completed Psychology Coursework. Provide course #, Professor, semester taken, and grade. For example, PSYC 1201, Nijdam-Jones, F2020, A+.
Upcoming (next semester) Psychology Coursework. Provide course # and Professor. For example, PSYC 1201, Nijdam-Jones.
Please briefly describe your past research experience.
Please briefly describe your research interests. What are you interested in, and what do you hope to learn in our lab?
How many/which semesters are you available to work in the lab?
How many hours per week can you commit to being in the lab during the school year?
Are you interested in doing your Honours under Dr. Nijdam-Jones' supervision?
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If yes or maybe, what semester/year do you intend to begin your honours?
Please provide the name and contact of an academic reference Dr. Nijdam-Jones may contact
If the lab is full at this time, would you like to be placed on an interview waitlist?
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Please send a PDF of your unofficial transcript(s) and a copy of your resume to Dr. Nijdam-Jones @ and let her know you have filled out this form. We will review materials and invite competitive applicants to interview. If the lab is full, you will be placed on a "wait list" and we will reach out in order of application receipt. Thank you!
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