Dover Spouses’ Club Welfare Request Form
Thank you for your interest in applying for charitable funds from the Dover Spouses’ Club (DSC). Funds to support the charitable and educational endeavors of the DSC are raised from the DSC’s Annual Craft Show, held in November. The DSC has a long history of charitable giving and we are pleased to be able to distribute these funds to deserving charities and organizations.

To assist you in your application for funding, please consider the following:

*The DSC Welfare Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month. We require that all donation requests be received electronically or postmarked at LEAST 35 days prior to your event/cause to be considered for funding.

*Incomplete applications will not be processed for consideration.

*Funds cannot be given to individuals.

*To assist us in evaluating your request, be specific as possible:

* Ask for an exact amount of funding.

* Give us as much information as possible about the program you would like us
to support and how it will directly affect the community.

* If you are asking for a specific item, or items, give us the exact cost,
where it can be purchased, and what it will be used for.

NOTE: The DSC's fiscal year concludes May 31st and resumes August 1st. Welfare requests submitted during the summer (June & July) will be consider once the Board reconvenes in August at their first meeting.

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