Bronies for Good, Seeds of Kindness: Change of Heart
Please use this form to submit your finalized entries to the album! More information on the album can be found here:

The soft deadline for submissions is 15st December 2016. The hard deadline for submissions is 15th January 2017. The release date for the album will be 11th February 2017.

You can submit as many songs as you want (within reason). Two songs from the same artist can get in without any problem, but over that number (not counting collabs), we might only take the best two of them. Please add a small amount of silence at the beginning and end of each track.

Please make sure to keep your content clean. Any names or lyrics that contain sexual references, discrimination, racism, or other offensive material will request an immediate change, or subject to rejection.

Make sure to ask if you have questions by emailing us at or You can also join our Skype group:
Artist/Band Name *
Please provide the artist/band name of the song you are submitting.
Song Title *
Please provide a track name.
(Optional) Please give the genre(s) of the track if you can determine a particular one.
(Optional) Please let us know what the duration of your song is in "MM:SS" format.
(Optional) Please provide the primary BPM of the track. If there are any tempo changes, please list those as well (both what the new tempo is, and what time it occurs).
(Optional) Please provide the primary key that your song is in. Many EDM producers, however, are not knowledgeable on what this is, as such feel free to leave it blank for Vinyl Darkscratch to listen and determine.
Link to Compressed File (MP3) *
Please provide a compressed audio file of your track on a service that allows streaming such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Soundcloud, Mediafire, etc. (Dropbox is not recommended). Also, be sure to add at least one second of silence before and after the track.
Link to Lossless File (FLAC, WAV or AIFF) *
Please provide a lossless audio file of your track via Dropbox, Mediafire, Google Drive, etc. Also, be sure to add at least one second of silence before and after the track.
If your song has vocals, please provide your song's lyrics.
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Please provide a valid email address for (backup) contact.
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We may coordinate submission dates of tracks accepted to the album, so that submissions from the album don't flood Equestria Daily's inbox all at once, and compete unnecessarily with one another
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