Leadership Topics Interest Survey

(Background: https://subfictional.com/2016/01/07/announcing-authentic-engine-my-empathy-based-leadership-development-consultancy/)

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Leadership Topics
"Leadership" can mean a lot of different things to different people. For this context, I'd like you to think about the skills and abilities you are personally interested in improving as it pertains to how you lead, organize or otherwise facilitate in your communities and organizations.

I've included a list of leadership topics to get you started. Please check the ones that are of interest to you and add your own.
I am interested in these leadership-related topics:
Check any that you're interested in learning more about, improving or otherwise practicing.
What leadership topics not already listed above are you interested in learning more about?
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City where you're most likely to take an in-person workshop?
This will help me plan where to hold workshops in 2016. List as many as make sense (e.g you'll be in for considerable period of time or can easily travel too.)
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